Sunday, 20 May 2018

W.A.L.T : Write a desription

The Bearded Lady

The lines on her face represented the story of disappointment and her
painful life . She had deep creases in her rosy cheeks. Her eyes shredding
from all the terrible
bullies, and lived in pitch black alleyways.
She was never afraid of who she was . From fighting all her bullies,
her heart was shredded into pieces and pieces.

Her raven hair shone like the sun.  She had a volumenes velvet and
magenta gown which looked extravagant.  She was also wearing a silk
turquoise dress and she would about her past and thinks of her future a
hidden part of her heart whispers, “Go to the circus and start a new chapter.”

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Genius Hour Social Media

Beauty and the Beast Movie Review

Beauty and the Beast Movie Review

By Eliza and Naysha

Prepare yourselves, the romance awaits ...   This is a story of an ordinary girl who isn’t like other people
in  her village. Belle loves to read, always carrying her books wherever she goes. She is a charming
young women that  a greedy Gaston, had always pined for. Belle hates Gaston
and always tries to avoid him. One day, her father doesn’t return from the frosty forest.
 Worried, Belle sets out to look for her father in severe weather conditions with snow just around the
corner. She finds herself in front of a dark and gloomy castle...   If you loved Cinderella then you will
love this blissful and romantic story.

This movie was set in the hidden heart of France in the 19th century in 1991 then perfected in 2017.
 The voice for the beast was casted by an american actor Robby Benson. Emma Watson has starred
in many famous movies like Harry Potter and Ballet shoes. She plays the main role in Beauty and the
Beast as Belle. The creator of this exquisite movie is Bill Condon and produced by Linda Woolverton.

We recommend this movie not only because it is like the book we all know and love but because every
fairytale has a moral behind it and this moral is to be brave and courageous no matter who you are or
what situation you are in.  For this reason we give Beauty and the Beast a 5 star rating
This movie will drive you out of your seats  and keep you waiting with anticipation.

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Thursday, 5 April 2018

About Me

All about me

Have you ever done gymnastics? Well, gymnastics is my favourite
sport. I really enjoy it because it’s a lot of fun.
I am half Fijian and half American and I am a Muslim. I very very
proud to be a muslim. My most treasured thing is my family.
An interesting fact about my family is that my grandad survived in
the war.
There are a lot  of other things I can tell you about myself, like the
fact I love art, baking, studying and spending time with my family.
Although there is a lot of things I love to do, what you really need to
know about me is that I love my lovely family.

Reflection: I think I did great on this piece of writing I  just needed to work on my  vocabulary.

My totem pole

Turtles. Slow, likes swimming and loves seafood.
That sounds like me. Eliza

Reflection: Last term we worked on our totem pole and we had to think of a animal that relates to us. I think I did well on not getting any white spots.   Next time I think I should add more detail.

W.A.L.T :Polynesian Community

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Muriwai trip

A trip to Muriwai beach

It was such a wonderful day to go to the beach it
was the 21st of march.  Everyone was hyped up to go
, there was 5 lifeguards at the beach there were three girls
called Bronte and Gypsy ( Kate )  Louis and two boys called
Liam and Joel. Gypsy showed us a tour of the hole building.
After morning tea, we talked about ripped currents and our skits.  
Then after lunch we into the furious doubtful ocean, It was like a
ferrari going as fast as it could in 2 minutes. First we were with
bronte she was telling us  how to save a patient in danger.
Next with Gypsy ( Cate ) and Liam with free time we had a lot of
fun. One time one enormous wave came thrashing through and
blowed everyone down even the teachers and parent.  Overall I
had a fantastic time at Muriwai beach.

Reflection : last term we we to muriwai and wrote about it. Next time
I think I should add more detail.