Wednesday, 24 May 2017

W.A.L.T: Make a prediction on what a story could be about based on the given words

Today was the day that the school  challenge started  so the mountain bikers are getting prepared . They are getting timed on the stopwatch. In the first race simon foster and glenn raced  together . they ride down hill and into a muddle pulled and glenn fell face down. Well simon  foster was still riding on the track he fell into a potholes. At the end Glenn came third  and then he start walking to his dad.

W.A.L.T:Write an advertisement

Reflection:I think I did well on describing why it's important. Next time I should use more adjectives. 

Sunday, 21 May 2017

TV is a Bad Invention

Intro-TV IS A HORRIBLE INVENTION!!!   Why is TV even a thing?It it is soooooo bad for you!!!!Also TV is so expensive and you don’t even need it!!!!You can do other awesome and fun things instead of watching TV!!

Eliza - The first reason is that too much TV is BAD for you
and you get less exercise ! If you watch too much TV,it can strain our eyes . It  can also change your  brain’s function. Children who consistently spend more  than 4 hours per day watching TV are more likely to be overweight. STOP WATCHING TV !!!

Prisha - The second  reason  is that TV IS SO EXPENSIVE  AND YOU DON'T  EVEN NEED IT !TV costs between $500 to $1,500.Even when you buy the TV  you still have to pay $100 every month.At the end of the year it will add up to $1,200.Now is that a lot?

Sandhya-The third reason is that you can do much more FUN and AWESOME things instead of watching TV!!For example art,reading,play outside,spend time with your family and play with your friends ! Also you can do chores and help your parents .When you have all these things to do why do you even watch TV??!!Stop watching TV  NOW!

Conclusion- Overall we think that TV  is a horrible invention Now you Know that you shouldn’t sit on a couch and watch TV!So Don’t let TV control you!! Now you know all the reasons why TV is a bad invention so take our side before it’s too late!

Website -

Reflection:I think I did well on describing it . Next time I will add more detail.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

W.A.L.T: use persuasive languge

WALT: Write persuasively

Claim: Kids Are Better Than Adults

Being a kid is  waaay better than being an  adults,after you read this you will be on our side. We are going  show you why right now!  Firstly kids are more creative than adults and we have a better imagination than adults, Secondly kids  have more energy and are more active than adults, Last of all kids don't have that much responsibility as much as adults have.

Firstly kids way are more creative and have better imagination than  boring ADULTS. For example kids have imaginary friends,  if you had an imaginary friend put your hand up ,I never did have one,but if i did have an imaginary friend it would be Turquoise and the shape of a cute penguin and also  makes the sound of a giant cow. Mooooow!!! Imaginary friends get you through everything,this is why you should have one.

Kids are waaay  more active than parents . For example playing,Running around,Doing gymnastics and parents just go to work sleep and go on their phones   isn't that quite BORING. You should totally tell them GO OUT AND EXERCISE !!! But they never ever listen. That is a terrible life to live with.Being a kid is soooo much better than being an adult. I think that parents would be over the moon if they were kids know.

It’s your lucky day now I am going to explain why kids have wayyyy less responsibility than adults! Firstly kids don’t have to  pay expensive bills e.g. rent , mortgage, electricity,water, education for your kids and  insurance for your car and other expensive like groceries,after school care for your kids ,technology and activities for your kids. Adults have to go to work and cook and clean  and make sure their kids do well in school well kids can just stay home and eat chips.

So now you know that kids are better than BORING old adults!!!
Now adults wish that they never grew up.That's why kids RULE.Now you tell your parents that they are boring.NOW you have to pay adults!!

Reflection: I think that me and my group did well.Our next step is use more detail.

Hope you enjoy!!!

Teacher Reflection: Well done girls!  You choose an interesting topic to write about.  Excellent reasons and detail given.  I like how you used interesting and persuasive adjectives.  Eg: boring vs imaginative and active.  
Next steps: Make sure your sentences make sense.  Try to read your writing out aloud so that you can notice the errors.  Also, think carefully about your use of capital letters and fullstops.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Describing myself and where I come from

I am writing a description of where I come from.  I will be describing my ethnicity,
where my grandparents migrated from and why they came, what I celebrate
and my culture.

My ethnicity and background  is Fiji Indian , and half UK. My grandpa came
from the UK and my grandma came from Fiji . They migrated in 1987.  
My grandparents migrated to NZ because they visited the place and found
out that they really liked it as it was beautiful. Our tradition is Eid Mubarak.  
It is when we gather up the family and cousins and after fasting for one month
we wear saris with a head piece on our heads.  People make lots of Indian sweets
at their house and they get so excited.  We celebrate it because it reminds all
of us about the past and brings up the death. I speak in Muslim language.

The reason they came here was to live a better life like now. Mostly all of my
ancestors were originally born in  Fiji.  My mum has lived in Fiji 31 years .
We wear these special things that protect you from the darkness. I come
from Suva and Singatoka.

Teacher Comment - Well done Eliza - You have described many ideas about yourself and your family.

By Eliza

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Rubbish | A litter bin overflowing with rubbish | oatsy40 | Flickr
No more Rubbish !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have too much.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In our school we have 191 peaces of rubbish in one day we need to get wiser.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Maths - Eliza and Jiya

Reflection: I liked how I described the shapes really well. I could improve by working faster.